Friday 4 May 2018

Available Now - Galactic Alliance: Betrayal

Today is the big day! Galactic Alliance: Betrayal is now available on Kindle and ePub from your favourite online bookstore.

The Galactic Alliance has brought advanced technology and trade to Earth. The governments of Earth see them as a friend – why invest in global defences when we have the Galactic Alliance as an ally?

Daniel thinks they're wrong. Nobody, not even Ruth, believes him when he stumbles upon a Galactic Alliance plot to take over Earth and subject humanity to brutal, dehumanising slavery.

Separated from Ruth by Vorth astro-pirates, Daniel is torn between trying to warn sceptical Earth governments and finding Ruth. The astro-pirates, meanwhile, discover that Ruth is not the pushover they expect her to be.

Pursued across the galaxy by hostile aliens, Daniel confronts the Galactic Alliance, plunging himself and Ruth into the heart of the biggest conflict in Earth’s history.

In our galaxy of alien worlds and species it is not always easy to tell right from wrong, or good from bad. Taking on the seemingly invincible might of the Galactic Alliance is more than any sane person would consider, yet it is necessary. If they have their way, human life on Earth will be reduced to a subclass of slaves to a brutal alien species.

This is a story of astro-pirates, love, treachery and fear. You will visit worlds you have never seen before, and meet aliens, good and bad, who all have a part to play in the battle for freedom.