Saturday 27 November 2010

The next internet billionaire

How many accounts do you have online?

Email, shopping, blogging, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, everything under the sun...

In fact, every time you wish to purchase something online from a company you haven't used before you have to create an account with them, with a new account name and password, before you can complete your purchase.

If you are anything like me you have gazillions of passwords and you can't keep track of them any more. Worse still, maybe you use the same, easily memorable password everywhere you go. Not good!

The problems with this are:
- You have more accounts you can keep track of
- In order to be secure you have more passwords than you can keep track of
- Every time you want to do something you have to sign on, and remember the account name and the password you used
- You lose track of who you have dealt with and where your internet interests lie

So... What's the solution?

Well, here's a business idea. Has anyone noticed how wealthy the creators of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Ebay have become? Well, what we now need is something new that provides us with a completely personal internet experience.

We need a web site - Let's call it OnePass - that, amongst other things, allows us to register every site on which we have an account, so that when we long on to OnePass we're automatically logged on to all of our accounts. Of course it does more than that...

OnePass will provide me with a view on the Internet that is completely configurable by me, so that it looks the way I need for how my mind works. It presents all my rss feeds, news sites, social networking sites, blogs, shopping sites and everything else on a news-like front end that I design. It is not hard to set up or to design how information is presented.

When I want to shop at a new internet store, then here's where it gets good. The OnePass management will establish an open interface, and a market position such that internet vendors have it in their interest to subscribe to the OnePass interface. Thus, when I shop at a new site, as long as I am logged onto OnePass, I can purchase from them without a new user account.

There are lots of other details that OnePass needs to handle. Bookmarks need to be a thing of the past. When I bookmark a site it might fall into several categories, and OnePass will let me attach the same site, with one link, to my Music category, my News category, my Favourite People category and any other categories I've thought up that it fits. That way, I can navigate through my own view of the internet in a way that fits my mindset.

And that's the objective of OnePass. I can, over time, build up my own personal experience of the internet without constraining myself to not see the rest, but in a way that tailors it to my needs.

Maybe OnePass is not an adequate name. After all it needs to provide more than a single sign-on for all my internet interests. What it does, over and above that, is to take my pick of the internet and present it to me in a way that fits in with how my mind works.

Maybe OneMind would be better.

I would love to see someone create this web site. I hereby donate this idea to whoever wants to use it. If you are successful, then all I ask is that you remember me (financially, of course) to whatever degree you think is warrented

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