Sunday 26 February 2012

An Accident Of Birth

I'm moving on from my working title.

Exit: Bolter Baron
Enter: An Accident Of Birth

I've written the book, and edited it several times. I have worked with critique partners, and finally I have a fully edited manuscript, for which the working title was Bolter Baron. I've now, after much deliberation and nail-biting, given it a title which I believe will be more appropriate:
An Accident Of Birth
I feel that the way the new title positions the story is much more appropriate for the mood and content than the working title.

I hope you agree, and if you honour me by reading the story once it's published, I believe you will.

So, what's next? I shall send out copies to beta readers. I can't wait to get their feedback.

After that...

The world is, as they say, my small, shell-like thing. Let's hope there's a pearl in it.


  1. Tony's little pen has indeed been busy. Congrats on reaching this stage! Keep us posted...


  2. Thanks Denise :-) Exciting times.

  3. I like the new title, Tony. I'm glad you're moving forward with this project. How exciting. :D

  4. Congrats! And I like the new title.

  5. Bravo that's such a great title Tony. Congrats on getting it completed.

    1. Many thanks Maceleine. It's a good feeling.

  6. The title is intriguing. Congrats on completion.

  7. Many thanks Ethan. I'm hoping the title will draw readers :-) we'll see.