Monday 16 January 2023

Societal control of the human body: Science fiction book recommendations on the theme


If you’re looking for reading recommendations, the book discovery site is a great place to find them. Shepherd is a rich platform offering book suggestions around a topic, theme or mood, as recommended by numerous authors.

I’m pleased to have been featured on their site with my recommendations for science fiction books on the theme of societal control of the human body.

My book on this theme, An Accident of Birth is a dystopian novel that explores how society might respond if human fertility were to decline to the point where only few people are born fertile. I discussed my inspiration for writing this book in a previous post When Evolution Fails Us - A Tale of Declining Fertility.

If you wish to find more dystopian fiction, why not try the bookshelf The best dystopia books, where you will find enough recommendations to keep you going for a very long time. 


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