Wednesday 25 January 2023

The Dangers of Discovering New Worlds: Science Fiction Book Recommendations on the Theme


I'm thrilled to be featured again on the excellent book discovery website - this time I'm sharing my recommendations for science fiction on the theme of the dangers of discovering new worlds.

You'll also find that has plenty of bookshelves for you to browse and, in each one, multiple authors share their themed recommendations on topics such as The best dystopia books, The best books on extraterrestrial life, and many more.

While we're on this theme, in Galactic Alliance: Betrayal, Daniel discovers that the Galactic Alliance is plotting to take over Earth and subject humanity to brutal, dehumanising slavery. He becomes separated from Ruth by astropirates, and is torn between saving her and warning the sceptical Earth governments of the impending danger. Their adventure leads them both to worlds they never knew existed, and into grave danger, plunging them into the heart of the biggest conflict in Earth's history.

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